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An invitation to help take self-directed support forward

Dear All
I've just joined the network today.  Here's my first contribution - a request for help. 
You might have seen Martin Routledge's blog on the In Control website back in January with the above title. I've copied the text from the blog below. In it, Martin is asking for people to share examples of 'things that work or promising possibilities' to include in In Control's next big publication. We had some really good responses to the blog - but not enough, and not with a focus on all of the specific areas we want to cover in the publication. We had, for example very little back in relation to co-production or user-led organisations, which are areas we are really hoping to highlight in the publication.
I wonder if you have any thoughts or anything you might be able to share? If so, can you let me know?
If there are stories or examples that are already written up, then it would be great if you could email them over to me or direct me to a link. If it would make more sense to chat, then let me know when you are free and I will phone.
We will of course acknowledge all contributions, and respect any requests for anonymity. Martin's blog is below. I do hope you are able to help.
With all best wishes,

An invitation to help take self-directed support forward...

In Control has tried to play a helpful role in the development of self-directed support in the UK over the past few years. Over the next few, we are determined to use the learning gained from the practical, sometimes painful experience of local efforts to implement self-directed support to help make it better going forward in tough times. To help with this, between now and the spring, we are going to be reflecting ourselves and with our many partners on what has worked and what hasn't, what this tells us and what are the most promising ways forward.
Obviously many people have already offered their views and opinions on this topic. These range from those who are largely hostile to self-directed support to those who want to see it work, have views about what has gone right and wrong in implementation so far and how improvements can be achieved. While some of these have been mostly theoretical or veering towards the axe grinding ("I told you so!", "If only the government hadn't been so stupid" etc) many others have been of good practical value.

Our piece will have a very practical purpose and will reflect In Control's position in linking closely with both those who need self-directed support to work (people and families) and those trying to deliver it in tough times (commissioners and providers). We'll be thinking about and discussing key elements including leadership and culture, systems, practices and co-production. We also want to think broadly, not limited to adult social care but rather looking across the range of public services and age ranges.

So here is the invitation bit. We think we know pretty well what the problems are. We are therefore looking for things that work or promising possibilities. Have you got some that you would like to share? If so please send these through to copied to me

We have to make self-directed support work. We have a long way to go. Let's help each other make progress!

Martin Routledge

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