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On the 21st of October I am organising an event with Lambeth Council managers to increase understanding of Co-production across the organisation. This event is going to be really interactive and will include a co-design exercise a series of videos and presentations and a World Cafe style conversation.


I am looking for some experts in Co-production to take part in the World Cafe conversations. Experts will each host a discussion table focusing on a different aspect of co-production (leaving this topic entirely to the experts). We are hoping to have at least 7 discussion tables and participants will rotate to a different table every 20 minutes (3 times during the hour). The idea is that by moving participants around the room, the conversations at each table are cross-fertilised with ideas from other tables.


The role of the host expert is to lead the discussion at each table and to ensure that at least one delegate records the conversation that takes place. At each rotation the expert hosting the session will give delegates a quick summary of the previous conversation.


Some potential topics (not exhaustive) we have thought of include:

  • Principles: Recognising people as assets, valuing work differently, promoting reciprocity, building social networks.
  • How to involve end user is in all stages of co-production.
  • Defining and owning the challenge, Co-discovery, Co-design and prototyping, Co-delivery.
  • Examples of co-production, where has it worked, what happened?
  • Methods for co-producing.
  • What resources can you access?

If you would be interested in helping with any of the above, it would be really great to hear from you- please email me.

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