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Hi, I was doing some research on co-production a few weeks ago and came across an organisational audit list. I now cannot find it again and wonder if anyone can direct me please.Thanks

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Hi John,

nef has done some work on developing a co-production self-reflection tool (attached) - this inially was developed with Edgar Cahn abnd HCCT. Tricia Nicholl has also developed an easy read version.

I believe Timebanks UK also have a co-production audit tool, you may want to contact Sam Hopley the chief exec directly at for more information

best wishes,


PS - do let me know if the tools are useful - they're still in development



Hi Lucy

Have you had much feedback on the audit tool?

I was wondering if it was designed with smaller organisations in mind or do you see it applicable to larger authorities?

I was also wondering if people had any reports on it's usage for a whole social care department?

Do authorities use this as a whole or do they monitor each project or work stream?

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