Co-production practitioners network

A network for co-production practitioners

Open meeting / seminar will be held on 23 February 3.00-6.00 at Cardiff City Hall.

Five superb speakers: Mark Drakeford AM, Rosie Farrar (exDesign Council & NESTA, now Spice), Elke Loeffer (Governance International), Megan Mathias (Kafka Brigade), Paul Thurston (Design Wales).

Once we are all inspired by what's possible, the final hour will be used as a springboard for setting up an action group to galvanise others and get co-production to the top of the Welsh participation and citizen engagement agenda.

Limited places - book now via:

The event is being organised as part of the Co-production Resource project with the support of: Cardiff Council’s Partnerships & Citizen Focus Team, Design Council Wales, Kafka Brigade, new economics foundation, Patchwork Circles, Spice.

Thanks to all for their assistance.

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Hello Ruth,

We have the video link this end in North Wales - how is it from the South Wales end - do you have the facility to join up with us? 


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