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A network for co-production practitioners

All in this Together 3: co-pro and communities

Wednesday 26 September, 1.30-4.30, Cardiff City Hall

absolutely unmissable line-up of luminous luminaries including Hazel Stuteley of Connecting Communities, Dawn Davies of Creation Development Trust (the UK's largest timebank), Nick Andrews talking about co-producing communities in dementia care homes, plus one other tbc.

An Eventbrite invite will be sent out early next week. Many thanks to the Welsh Government for their support.


Wales Co-pro Network Meeting

Thursday 4 October, 3.00 - 5.30, Swansea Civic Centre

The one you have all been waiting for! A chance to discover whether the reality lives up to the photographs AND to share best practice and get our twinkling lights out from under our massy bushels. Full programme will be confirmed shortly...

An Eventbrite invite will be sent out early next week. Thanks to Nick Andrews and Swansea Council for providing the venue.

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Ruth has gently nudged me to offer a session for the October network meeting.

After much deliberation and playing with titles I propose "Co-producing a Green Society".

In which I'll suggest that it's vital our co-productive endeavours are informed by a clear understanding of the global crisis and by a vision and action plan for addressing it.

What fun we shall have :) 

Epic! Thanks Paul. Looking forward to finding out what the solution is to the global crisis (and possibly the meaning of life?). :}

Offer from Rick Wilson - accepted with alacrity and glee:

I would be interested in giving a presentation about how we can practically work together to create a 'social' Social Services, this would enable citizens, agencies, and community groups to use their shared skills to meet their mutual needs. There are a lot of opportunities within the new proposed Social Services Wales Bill as well as lots of examples of things people are doing across Wales to create change, we need to think these through together.

Thanks Rick


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