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Hi Noreen, thanks for this. The new web pages and logo look great on the updated site but that's not what I wanted to talk about! I met you in passing on the ODI Cardiff node today and guessed

...and guessed you're a member, like me, of the Open Data Institute. I believe ODI Cardiff has a big part to play in getting WG departments and NGAs to adopt the principles of co-production. Natural Resources Wales are already looking at adopting new commissioning models with WBFG goals in mind over the next five years. Sport Wales and Visit Wales (in the domestic tourism and leisure market) may need a bit of priming.

it's good to see, though, that ODI HQ already has an OpenActive parnership project on the go with Sport England. We just need to do some catching up! :) Any thoughts on this?


Hi Terry, thanks for your response! I'm afraid I was only nominally involved with ODI Cardiff at the setup as I was doing some work with the The Satori Lab, who host the Cardiff node. I'm not a member of the ODI - the person you want to speak to about this is Ben Proctor (, he's the ODI Cardiff man! GIve him a shout and feel free to mention I passed on his details. :) Kindest regards,


Thanks, Noreen. I'm already in discussions with Ben over the OpenActive project. I'm trying to establish whether the Co-production Network for Wales has the capacity to facilitate pilot projects in partnership with ODI. I'll have a chat with Ben about this. Best wishes, Terry

Ah that's great Terry. The Co-production Network for Wales, as a network, possibly/probably has. The two (normally) full-time members of staff, the Director and the Coordinator, are here to facilitate the network's existence, so they wouldn't get involved directly, but for pilots and projects of this type I would suggest opening up the offering to the whole network. Always happy to put something in the newsletter and disseminate through social media! Use for this purpose. Kindest regards,



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