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Adult Social Care

The Relational Basis of Empowerment (2013)

Source: Nunkoosing, K and Haydon-Laurelut, M (2013). Centre for Welfare Reform. Taken from, a free on-line resource from The Centre of Welfare Reform Limited ©

Closing the Winterbournes (2012)
Sets out ways in which community-based services could be used to close down "the Winterbournes" - with four recommendations for change. The Shared Lives sector and KeyRing Living Support Networks are two models which have been used successfully to enable people labelled as "challenging" or who have "complex needs" to move out of institutional settings into ordinary family homes and communities.

JRF Widening the Choices for support in our old age series (2013)

JRF has published four studies exploring potential alternatives to support for older people with high support needs.

The studies look beyond what is commonly available, learning from imaginative practice both in the UK and internationally. They draw on learning from a range of groups which are trying to widen these choices – including:

Together, they identify alternative approaches in support, housing and community.

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