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All in this Together - Coproduction event, Cardiff

Presentations from All in this Together an event on coproduction held in Cardiff, Wales 23/02/2012

There were five speakers at the All in this Together event:

  • Elke Loeffer, Director of Governance International, who spoke about the Scottish Government's co-production initiatives;
  • Paul Thurston, Design Wales, who talked about the role of service design in effective service delivery;
  • Rosie Farrar of Spice, who gave a presentation about co-design and co-production;
  • Megan Mathias, Director of Kafka Brigade, who explained how co-productive approaches could lessen dysfunctional bureaucracy;
  • Mark Drakeford, Wales Government, who discussed the need for a Welsh model of co-production.

The slides for each of the first for speakers are below. Video of all the presentations will follow shortly.

Megan Mathias - the Kafka Brigade


Paul Thurston - Design Wales 


Elke Loeffler - Governance International


Rosie Farrar - SPICE


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