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National Co-production Critical Friends


The Co-production Critical Friends is a group of national policymakers, academics and researchers which acts as a source of thinking, challenge, collaboration and networking in the area of co-production. The group meets on a quarterly basis and releases short briefings. It is supported by Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), and facilitated by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).

News and on-the-ground experiences from Regional Practitioners' Networks feed into the Critical Friends' agenda.

The group uses the following definition of co-production:

Co-production is a relationship where professionals and citizens share power to plan and deliver support together, recognising that both partners have vital contributions to make in order to improve quality of life for people and communities.

You can read more about this shared definition here: Critical Friends' Definition of Co-production (January 2013)

Click on the links below to read minutes from meetings of the group:

Members of the group are involved in various national projects, including the Public Service Transformation Network. More information is available here.

In Spring 2013, the group produced a series of blogs exploring the rationale for co-production in a range of sectors:

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