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The Challenge of Co-production Launch

Co-production is a new way of thinking about public services that has the potential to deliver a major shift in the way we provide health, education, policing and other services, in ways that make them much more effective, more efficient, and so more sustainable.

Dr David Halpern (The Institute for Government), Anna Coote (nef), Ben Lucas (2020 Public Services Trust) and Sian Lockwood (NAAPS) discuss the value of co-production to public services. The panel was chaired by Patrick Butler, Editor of SocietyGuardian.

Daniel Oppenheimer

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Anna Coote

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Ben Lucas

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Sian Lockwood

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Panel discussion

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Q&A session

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Comment by trine moore on November 7, 2010 at 18:50
collaboration,cooperation,and coproduction,in relation to health,of communities,and individuals,within communities, calls for new paradigm thinking,to be accepted and realised,as familiiar,and for people of all ages and social norms ,to recognise, co production,has been around before,which is goodnews, to realise collaboration,is and continues to be integrative, helpful and healthy.

as the recent event at manchester business school,encouraging.

however, some might wonder, rightly, how much co productivity there will be,and how much co decisioning,in relation,to the new financial paradigms,there will be,when tenants in social housing face eviction,at whose conviction? and in what process?

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