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January 2012 Blog Posts (15)

Cardiff CP event - all tickets taken!

Please sign up to the waiting list if you wish to attend. We are looking for ways to increase the places available.

Waiting list bookings via

Added by Ruth Dineen on January 31, 2012 at 23:43 — No Comments

Communities Can 2012 - North Wales conference announcement

Hello everyone

I'm very pleased to make this announcement!

'COMMUNITIES CAN 2012' Conference

2nd May 2012

North Wales Venue to be confirmed

We understand this will be the first Coaching and Co-production conference to be held in Wales and are privileged to confirm Dr Edgar…


Added by Pam Luckock on January 30, 2012 at 21:00 — 1 Comment

Business Case for Co-production: Midlands Co-production Practitioners' Network Meeting

The Midlands Co-production Practitioners' Network held its most recent meeting in Coventry, which was hosted by Grapevine

The meeting involved

  • Clare Wightman showcasing the co-production approach of Grapevine (click to…

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Wales CP Group + Cardiff event

A plea for Wales Co-Proders to sign up to the Wales Group so that we can start to make connections; and a reminder about the Cardiff event on 23 Feb. More info + booking link on

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A blog about setting up a timebank and co-production.


I'm in the process of setting up a Timebank and I thought it could be a good opportunity to share the highs and lows (they are coming) of doing so with interested parties. Along the way I will try to add information and experience around co-production, after all thats the point.



James O'Flynn


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Mello's Co-production Equation

Hi All,


The below is a simple equation summing up what co-production means to us at Look Ahead Housing and Care. It was developed by Augusto D. Mello in partnership with Look Ahead. Feel free to use it but make sure you reference Augusto and Look Ahead!


Let me know if you have any questions.

George Garrad



Added by George Garrad on January 23, 2012 at 10:48 — No Comments

Cardiff Co-production event 23 February

advance notice of an open meeting in Cardiff on 23 February with a galaxy of stunning speakers including Elke from Governance International, Rosie Farrer (ex-Design Council/NESTA, now at Spice London), Mark Drakeford AM and Paul Thurston of Design Wales. And once we are all inspired by what's possible, we can set up an action group to galvanise others and get co-production to the top of the Welsh participation agenda. Full details follow next week. Do hope you can come. Put it in your…


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co-production beyond service delivery

i've been much taken by the co-production (equal and reciprocal) approach.

imho there are powerful links with public value theory.

here's a coupla' slides which i hope might explain where i'm coming from.

would really welcome your comments.…


Added by milind kolhatkar on January 11, 2012 at 18:28 — 2 Comments

Displacement activities + draft contents for CP Resource

More excitements and almost 500 hits to date on the Co-production Resource blog! Please check it out and let me know your views.

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London practitioners' network event on Wednesday 17th January from 10am - 12 noon

We have had a great sign up for this network event and there are over 20 people coming. Don't forget to register on the Event brite here: 


Look forward to seeing you then.

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Stockport Rocks: Co-production Resource new post

a first attempt at mapping the co-production process produced by the good folk of the North West CP group during the monsoon season in Stockport. Comments welcome.

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a different kind of Timebank - Social Care Japanese-style

Hi Folks

I came across this and thought it might work well in the UK : the emphasis is on TIME as the benefits might take decades to follow through. It gets away from the altruism which often defeats timebanking : people volunteer to feel good and don't want anything back. This system allows a person to 'provide' for themselves in Old Age - who would turn that down?! It's in Chapter 9 - tho the rest is also interesting…


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Co-production Resource: The Blog Cometh

We now have over 65 people from UK and USA committed to co-producing the CP Resource, and an entirely magnificent Advisory Group to help steer the project in the right direction. To keep everyone updated I have produced a Resource blog which has stretched my…

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ABOUT TIME: examining the case for a shorter working week

Hello everyone,

This event is not stictly about coproduction, but it is certainly related and promises to be hugely interesting:

As the economic crisis deepens, this is the moment to consider moving towards much shorter, more flexible paid working hours - sharing out jobs and unpaid time more fairly across the population. 

nef would like to invite you to an event that takes forward the…


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