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THE WISDOM OF PREVENTION Early action to prevent harm: why it matters and how to achieve it

Early action to prevent harm will help to improve well-being, use resources more efficiently, build resilience and safeguard the future. It is a wise and sustainable approach. It matters equally for society, the environment and the economy. But it seldom happens. What can be done to put prevention at the top of the agenda for policy and practice, and make it real? nef (the new economics foundation) invites you a major conference bringing together experts from across the public, private and…


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in light of the new health and social care bill

an interesting article written by Becky Malby, director of the centre for innovation in health management at the university of leeds outlining why co-production is the real reform needed for health and social care.

see what you think, NHS reform: a radical approach through co-production?


and I've copied a couple of neat summary…


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Another Co-Production Event - East Midlands Meeting - Monday 23rd April 2012

We got there in the end. After minutes of discussion and trying to gauge interest we have firmed down a date, a venue and some interested people from different organisations. To this end the 1st ever Co-production East Midlands Group is going to meet, see below for venue and times. 


10.00 - 12.30

Monday 23rd April 2012

Leicestershire County…


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April: a month for Coproduction Network Events

Dear All,

April looks set to be a busy month for coproduction, with several regional practitioner events taking place in Wales, London, Scotland and Birmingham.

Read on to find out more and sign up to one or all…

Following on from the success at their last In this Together event (the presentations of which…


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New assets based approach report by Jane Foot is out

A follow up to 'a Glass Half Full' has been published, taking a more detailed look at the practice, evidence and evaluation of assets based approaches. It can be downloaded here: and will be put up in the resources library soon.





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Launch Event: £125k Available through the Ordnance Survey Geovation Challenge 2012: Wales Coastal Path

How can service design & innovation better connect Welsh citizens to the Wales coastal path?

£125k of funding is available through the Ordnance Survey's …


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The Fourth London Coproduction Practitioners Meeting

Hello all,

The next London beased network meeting is going to be taking place at Praxis on the 18th of April.

The agenda is looking really good at the moment, with talks being led by Praxis, nef and Look Ahead. Have a look at the eventbrite page (below) for more information and to sign up for a place

look forward to seeing you there!


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All in this Together 2: Wales rocks!


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Co-production: towards a critical mass?

Although we’re now marching steadily forward into 2012, my mind has been reflecting recently on the successes of 2011. In particular, the huge growth in how the concept of co-production is being researched and developed. Across practice and policy, local authorities, providers and user led organisations, co-production has become increasingly well known and favoured as a model of public sector reform. It’s not…


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Higher Education & Co-production

I'm thinking about the merit of developing a higher/ further education module focused on CP that could be offered to a diverse range of people (practitioners, service users, carers, public, politicians et al) to help embed CP as a basic requirement of professional, democratic and public practice; delivered by a diverse group of people with the insight, expertise and integrity to inspire take up of CP as a mainstream practice accessible to all.

I'm keen not to create barriers…


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Patchwork Shares - North Wales Timebank

Here in the depths of North Wales we have successfully applied for a small but useful grant off the Big Lottery to start a timebank, called Patchwork Shares. This is  principally for the agencies in our personal networks, but as it develops we hope to add a wider range of constituents, from individuals through to public bodies,  so that it becomes a mixed and rich "patchwork" of talents!!!

In the last six months there has been a lot of progress in North Wales as we started a network…


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sharing experiences of self-directed support

An invitation to help take self-directed support forward...

Hi all, just incase people haven't been to the discussion boards recently, please see the post below from Andrew Tyson. A great chance to profile some of your great co-production examples. Please contact him directly with the email at the bottom of the post. Cheers, Lucie
In Control has tried to play a helpful role in the development of self-directed support…

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Asset-mapping your Wondrousness: the Co-pro Resource project

If you haven't received this final asset-mapping questionnaire but would like to participate, please click on the link to share your wondrousness. Or go via the blog.

If you completed Questionnaire 2 then I will already have this information: if not, then even if you have sent me web-links or project…


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Midlands Co-production Practitioners Network Meeting: 'Creative ways of co-producing better outcomes'

Thursday 26th April 2012, 9:30am to 13:00pm. Mailbox, Birmingham

The Midlands Co-production Practitioners' Network will hold its next meeting at the EC Arts 48 Sheet project space based on the ground floor of the Mailbox, Birmingham. (Click here for map and directions).

The meeting will involve:

  • A…


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Co-design and Co-production event - Victoria, Australia

An interesting event in Australia for any network members based out that way and for those interested in seeing how co-production ideas are evolving across the globe, 



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Co-production & New Economics

Edgar Cahn establishes the link between co-production and new economics in this quote from Riane Eisler's seminal book 'The Real Wealth of Nations':

"Co-production gives real value to caring and caregiving, redefining productive work beyond that which is recognised in the market."

Riane Eisler expands on this throughout her book and proposes a realistic alternative to capitalism and socialism:



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All in this together meeting Presentations

Hello everyone,

Ruth Dineen has been kind enough to circulate the presentations from the coproduction event that she coordinated in Cardiff last Thursday. 

I am attaching them here in this blog post, but will also add them to the resources section of this website - which is growing all the time. If you have other resources that you think should be shared amongst practitioners, please do feel free to post them as a blog, or send them to me…


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This week.....Paperwork, red tape, bureaucracy, officialdom and paper shuffling......yawn

How do you get the balance right in regards to paperwork when setting up a timebank. Simple? Not from where i'm slouching. This weeks blog bit.

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