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Videos from co-producers

Have finally managed to track down some videos from the Public Services Inside Out launch event.


If you go to Vimeo ( and sign up/log in, and search for 'Public Services Inside Out' there are a number of videos of practitioners talking about co-production, with some really interesting insights.


Working on getting them uploaded to this site too -



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Banksy co-producer?


How brilliant is this 'graffiti?' Poses interesting questions about the public space, freedom, and individual expression within a co-production debate.I see it as a metaphor for how volunteering in all its forms will move from the double yellow lines paradigm of formality to become an expression of…


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the psychology of seeing people as an asset

It's a psychological truth that 'what you see is what you get' from others.

If your starting point is to see a person/group as having something of value to offer and that there is a dialogue and negotiation to work through then the end result is much more likely to be fruitful.

If, on the other hand, the psychology is manipulative or based on applying pre set ideas onto people the value is doomed!

The basic building block in co production, I think, is how we perceive…


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Is it time for time banking?

Last week I was involved in some Cabinet Office-sponsored discussions about a time banking project being introduced to a local authority area. The idea is to introduce a system to incentivise people to provide low level, good neighbour type support. It would involve helping people to connect with each other and then turning people’s support into credits, which they could use to access council services or leisure activities. In the example that was worked through in the proposal, a young…


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Discharge to What?…


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Coproduction Mental Health Service Development Training

An Introduction to Coproduction Training Course was run in Kendal, Cumbria on 6th December hosted by Cumbria Mental Health Group deleveloped and delivered by Paul Booth. 26 Delegates including Mental Health Service Users, Carers, Third Sector care workers and NHS practitioners attended.

The course was very well recieved and following feedback and further developemmnt the introductory course and more detailed coproduction courses will be developed and delivered early next… Continue

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New report available to download

Whole Person Recovery: a user-centred systems approach to problem drug use is available to download from our website

Added by Rebecca Daddow on November 29, 2010 at 13:37 — No Comments

Personalisation, recovery, and user centred approaches to problem drug use

The report, Whole Person Recovery: a user-centred systems approach to problem drugs use summarises the work of the RSA Whole Person Recovery Project (so far) including the project's approach to understanding in a holisitic way how people get trapped in cycles of addiction, what helps or hinders their journey to recovery and what supports them in long term… Continue

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Discharge to What?

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Asset Based Community Development & The Big Society

See the video below of Cormac Russell, Managing Director of Nurture Development, talking about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), co-production and how a big society can be a caring society.

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Cuts and Opportunities

Last week I received a call from a director of services from a large London council. Let’s call him Mr Borough. He had just read our latest report, Public Services Inside Out, which makes the case for people and professionals designing and delivering public services together in equal partnership: what we call ‘co-production’. This innovative approach, we…


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I work for an alcohol support agency in North East London which runs several different services (a structured day programme, aftercare initiatives, a family service, support for families, partners and friends of problem drinkers, and an older persons service).

As Service User Involvement Worker, I've recently been asked to take on a new project looking at the Personalisation agenda and considering, with service-user consultation and input, how it might work in a service such as… Continue

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