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New assets based approach report by Jane Foot is out

A follow up to 'a Glass Half Full' has been published, taking a more detailed look at the practice, evidence and evaluation of assets based approaches. It can be downloaded here: and will be put up in the resources library soon.





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The 'evidence' question

This is a brief blog, intended to invite comment from everyone on a potential piece of research work.

During the first year of the co-production network (2009 - 2010), a group of around 30 practitioners met face to face every few months. We worked with that group to try and identify some of the major challenges they faced in 'doing' co-production, and making it more mainstream. Time and time again, one word came up. Evidence. More recently, at a national social care…


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Co-production: developing new tools for practice

Almost all the practitioners I speak to about co-production have a clear idea of the practical tools and support they would like to help them further their work, and in influencing others about the value of co-production. Although these are many and varied, some of the most common ones include;

  • An evidence review of the impact co-production has on people's outcomes, and the costs/value of public services
  • Commissioning guidance and new commissioning ideas which…

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