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Webinar on commissioning and community engagement

DCLG and the Public Service Transformation Network are running a webinar this Monday at 2pm on engaging communities in commissioning: you can sign up here for more details.

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Free masterclasses and network on commissioning for outcomes and coproduction

NEF is working with youth service commissioners in Lambeth and Cornwall councils to transform the way that youth services are designed, commissioned and delivered. The approach we have developed with the commissioning teams is focussed on three distinct concepts, all critical to NEF’s work over the past decade: co-production; well-being; and social, environmental and economic outcomes.…


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Peer to peer learning approach 3k prize

Peer to peer learning

Locality has launched a competition through the pages of Third Sector to find the best examples of peer-to-peer learning – formal and informal – between smaller organisations (turnover £50k-£200k).

To encourage you to apply, there is a first prize of £3,000 with two runners-up prizes of £1,000.

The competition will run from late…


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Commissioning coproduction in youth services - a blog from the front line

Coproduction at the heart of reshaping youth services in Cornwall

Like many Local Authorities across England, Cornwall is not alone in grappling with the tightening public purse. The challenge is on to continue providing youth services which make a real impact on young people’s lives, and reduce the need for complex and specialist services. For the past year we have been working with nef on a specific…


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A new blog on commissioning and coproduction

As the public purse runs dry, local authorities across the country are facing tough decisions. Few services are escaping unscathed, but those for young people, which a local authority does not have statutory duty to provide, are among those hardest hit - with cuts of up to 90 per cent. Young people are waking up to find their youth centres closed, or operating on reduced hours, and many…


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Evidencing the value of peer support

A great evaluation has recently been published about the impact of a user led mental health support group. ''Peer Power'', by Simon Duffy evaluates the econonmic value of the peer support group as:



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Tokenism to Co-production: what's the difference?

I've been meaning to post this manifesto on the blog for quite a while, and here it finally is! The exerpt below is from Ruth Marsden, who was standing for the role of National Director of Patient Insight with the NHS Commissioning Board. I've included her full manifesto, which I think it a helpful reminder of what the difference between tokenistic engagement and genuine co-production is.


Manifesto for the post of National Director of Patient Insight with the NHS…


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Co-production in Essex: learning from the ecdp

(n.b. this is a post by Lucie Stephens, put up by me while she is on holiday!)

Towards the end of June I visited ecdp (essex coalition of disabled people) a user led organization based in Chelmsford as part of our work with the People Powered Health Programme. The organization was established in 1995 and 100% of their board members have a self-declared impairment. They have 2,041 members, 134 volunteers and 28 staff. They also play a strong role in directly delivering paid for…


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Seeing is believing

In the world of policy and research, the case study is one of the key ways in which we communicate new ideas, and innovative projects. But when it comes to other organisations learning from these innovations, there’s nothing quite like visiting the projects and meeting the people involved, to really get under the skin of it and ask the questions that help to make it relevant to your own work.

So, as part of our work with Nesta and the Innovation Unit’s People Powered Health Programme…


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New assets based approach report by Jane Foot is out

A follow up to 'a Glass Half Full' has been published, taking a more detailed look at the practice, evidence and evaluation of assets based approaches. It can be downloaded here: and will be put up in the resources library soon.





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Co-production: towards a critical mass?

Although we’re now marching steadily forward into 2012, my mind has been reflecting recently on the successes of 2011. In particular, the huge growth in how the concept of co-production is being researched and developed. Across practice and policy, local authorities, providers and user led organisations, co-production has become increasingly well known and favoured as a model of public sector reform. It’s not…


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London practitioners network meeting Jan 2012 co-production mapping exercise

The co-production mapping exercise from the London network event in January is now up on Ruth's blog: 

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The 'evidence' question

This is a brief blog, intended to invite comment from everyone on a potential piece of research work.

During the first year of the co-production network (2009 - 2010), a group of around 30 practitioners met face to face every few months. We worked with that group to try and identify some of the major challenges they faced in 'doing' co-production, and making it more mainstream. Time and time again, one word came up. Evidence. More recently, at a national social care…


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London practitioners' network event on Wednesday 17th January from 10am - 12 noon

We have had a great sign up for this network event and there are over 20 people coming. Don't forget to register on the Event brite here: 


Look forward to seeing you then.

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January 17th London co-production network meeting



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New report on health and co-production

A recent report written after a workshop on co-production w / the NHS Alliance

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Calling all practitioners: an evidence based review of co-production

Calling all practitioners

nef is working on writing up a review of the literature on co-production. The aim of the review is to gather and analyse information on the effectiveness of co-production as an approach to delivering public services: specifically looking at where it has been shown to improve outcomes, and impact on the cost effectiveness of services.

The review will cover all sectors and we hope to publish the report by December.

Part of the drive…


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Co-production: developing new tools for practice

Almost all the practitioners I speak to about co-production have a clear idea of the practical tools and support they would like to help them further their work, and in influencing others about the value of co-production. Although these are many and varied, some of the most common ones include;

  • An evidence review of the impact co-production has on people's outcomes, and the costs/value of public services
  • Commissioning guidance and new commissioning ideas which…

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Opportunity to influence social care policy

Hi all,


We've had some interesting conversations with the Department of Health recently and there is the potential to influence change with respect to regulation.


What are the regulatory / red tape barriers that you face every day?

Do these get in the way of co-producing with people?

What would you do if you could change these policies and processes?


Hopefully we can get a good view of what change is needed, and use this to…


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