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Pound shop provides recession-proof employment

People often say that it is much harder to achieve genuine employment for people with learning disabilities in times of recession and high unemployment. One Shared Lives carer has turned the recession to his advantage in setting up a recession-proof business which aims to provide real employment opportunities.

Mitch Morgan is an experienced market trader and entrepreneur who became a Shared Lives carer, supporting adults with learning disabilities in Shropshire. Mitch says, “I realised how hard it was for these adults to get work placements so I had the idea of setting up a pound shop business on the market because it is the easiest type of business to run with no need to give change or take cheques or credit cards,” Mitch said.

Mitch Morgan has set up a pound shop business on Wellington Market in Telford, Shropshire, which is providing work placements for six adults. The shop was opened by the Mayor and has proved popular with the people who work there, other traders and the general public. Mencap have also been very supportive. Mitch says, “The most important part is social interaction and breaking down barriers. We encourage people to talk to customers. In a big supermarket, you don’t talk to the customers, but here we do.”

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