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Solihull's Environment Champions working with the council to transform their neighbourhoods

In 2007 Solihull Council created the Environment Champions scheme to tackle the community's problem with littering vandalism and other environmental crimes in a context of fiscal austerity. The project sought to instigate greater community involvement and ownership over these issues, and improve partnerships between the public, private and voluntary groups in Solihull.

The project has recruited over 270 'champions' and completed over 100 projects - increasing social cohesion and social capital - creating a safer and more pleasant environment for local residents. The project has also included, and harnessed the imagination and enthusiasm of the community's young people. Volunteering has also been able to increase their employability. The scheme has built strong partnerships within the community and Solihull Council believes that it has lead to an outcome saving of £200,000.

To learn more about the framework that help make the project a success and other learning points that could help you click here to read the case study on Governance International's website


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