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''Living networks of conversation lie at the heart of our capacity as a human community to create the futures we want rather than being forced to live with the futures we get'' - Juanita Brown


Julia Slay has encouraged me to load here a small booklet I have just produced with my North America colleague, John O'Brien. We have been conducting Conversations about building sustainable and inclusive communities and seeking to document local examples of adaptive responses to addressing diverse challenges concerned especially with the imperatives of advancing inclusion while developing economic sustainability and addressing climate change.


Recently we returned to one of the localities where we have worked to explore ways in which the proposition in the quote (above) from Juanita Brown could be intelligently operationalised. Part of what we learnt is captured in the new booklet attached below which offers Six practices for creative engagement. Looking at the first two pages will probably be enough to decide whether there is something useful here for you.

Six Practices.pdf


If you do get the opportunity to 'try out' any of these methods, John and I would be very interested in hearing what you learn.

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