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About 30 of us attended the Wales Network meeting in Swansea yesterday with lots of new faces and plenty of delectable old ones (in the experiential sense). Nick Andrews provided the venue, cups and water/juice; Rick Wilson from Community Lives Consortium gave us a provocative presentation on developing social as opposed to anti-social services (taken from his PhD in progress - it's going to be a great read!) and Megan Mathias from Kafka Brigade explained how co-pro could be used to inform action research and to produce solutions to even the wickedest of problems.

And that led to group discussions around a truly wicked problem - how can we change the culture of our organisations to make them more co-productive. Feedback from that session will be posted up shortly.

The final presentation from Ruth (ppt link below) briefly explained co-pro and the core economy, and provided an overview of what's happening in Wales on the co-pro front including the Wales Co-pro Survey.

Hope to get info about the other presentations posted up soon.

And Carol Van den Berg (Making the Connections Officer, Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil) has offered to host the next meeting in a couple of months' time (nice one Carol!).

Thanks to everyone who participated...


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