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At 14:53 on January 5, 2017, Simon Armour said…

Hi Lucie and thanks for your comment.  the network looks really useful and yes I know some of the Stockport people on here.  I'll encourage other colleagues to sign up too!


At 12:56 on March 20, 2014, Andy Hirons said…

Thanks Lucie,

I will do. Hopefully this will help me to increase contacts in my area and as you have already done other headway branches.


Best wishes


At 16:32 on November 20, 2013, Suzanne Baker said…

Hi Lucy


The headlines are that it explored how individuals valued themselves and others outside of comparison and competition, and how processes were used.  It identified that there are many hierarchies that can come to the fore where people can feel above or below the other be it societal norms, or skill sets.  These can cause more problems of power/powerlessness if not addressed.  

Individuals valued themselves outside of comparison/competition, by how others benefitted from the individual’s skill eg empty plates if worked in kitchen.  Colleagues were valued by listening to them/appreciate their work.  Thus rewards are free and limitless for all, unlike hierarchies which have limited rewards that foster competition.

Processes, when motivation for their use is identified, can offer opportunities for creativity and adoption/hybrid of processes from hierarchies.

I hope this v brief summary helps!


At 14:59 on February 11, 2013, Hamza Anwar said…

Thank you Lucie - look forward to all the comments/suggestions/ideas/ thoughts.  Will be great to tap into the local network group.  Thanks again

At 8:59 on October 2, 2012, Peter de Oude said…

Hi Lucy, many thanks for your comments, I have spoken to Lambeth re this but they haven't developed anything in this area nor haven't heard of anything so am thinking that it may be innovative although I am reluctant to use this word as it is overused, I thought it may be of use to put a line out in this network while I am finding my way around it so to speak. Re your work on co-production and commissioning we have done and are still doing some good work in Norfolk involving ICC and others, you may want to have a chat with, director of Children Services.


At 9:22 on October 1, 2012, Bruce Etherington said…

Hi Lucie, 

I went to the Co-production event in Cardiff last week and this network was promoted as part of the way of keeping up to date with the outcomes of the event.


At 13:10 on July 30, 2012, Amanda Bradshaw said…

Hi Lucie,

I found the network by searching for co-production info on Google. I was motivated to join because I am eager to become involved in co-production work and wanted to find out who the players are in my area (East Anglia). I'll have a look at my regional group, as you suggested.

Best wishes


At 15:12 on July 24, 2012, Dyfrig Williams said…

Many thanks for your welcome, I'll email you with more info now.

Cheers and have a good afternon,



At 11:49 on June 19, 2012, Kelly McInnes said…

Hi Lucie,

Thanks for the welcome.  I heard about the network though NESTA as I was looking for the three papers you had published on co-production.  I used to work for Young Scot who have been doing increasing work in this area. I'm just back to work after mat leave so will have a think about case studies we could add. Thanks


At 15:25 on June 7, 2012, Nick Wilding said…

Hi Lucie

Thanks for your welcome. I'll follow your leads... and look up Catriona. We were looking for some cross-border input too as sometimes it's easier to be challenging/inquiring/inspiring if you come from afar and are not already therefore quite so connected/with history etc.. I was thinking someone from Wales or England or even Northern Ireland might be able to do some 'straight talking' in ways that could help to keep us Scots on our toes!

I think the event we're planning should be quite interesting - a new (SNP) administration and good opportunities to build on the partnership approach to co-production innovation we've been trailing. 

Thanks again for the hello. I do a similar job with the fiery spirits network at carnegie - being on the receiving end helps me remember how much of a difference it makes!

At 11:47 on April 25, 2012, Susan Robb said…

Hi Lucie, Thanks for the welcome.  I found out about this via some of the current Scotland group members who have been working alongside in a coproduction model for policy design with young people.  I look forward to being able to contribute and learn with others using the network. Thanks Susan

At 12:35 on January 3, 2012, Mrs Christine Bond said…

Hi Lucie

Hope you had a good Christmas. I am very new to social websites and this is the first one I have ever signed up to so it may take me a while to work out how to get the best use out of this site, but I am sure I will get there in the end.


Best wishes



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